How LupaGroup
Works for you

Secure blockchain technology
Industry experts
International regulatory standards

We're making private markets better

Lower minimums and more opportunities.
Cash out as little as USD100 anytime, with little to no lock-ups.
We’re transparent about who’s involved, how it works, and our fees.
We team up with industry leaders for your security.
Robust selection process by our seasoned experts.
We're trusted by reputable institutions.

TechnologyBuilt on
blockchain technology

LupaGroup stands on the shoulders of giants... in particular, the cutting-edge technology that could solve the biggest data related crises of today, blockchain.

Unlike conventional investment platforms, our use of blockchain technology paves the way for a future of faster, more secure financial transactions.

The strengths of blockchain

Built on strong foundations and clever solutions, allowing investors better access to private markets.

Digitizing traditional manual investments

Tokenization makes private market opportunities accessible to more investors by breaking up large investments into small digital tokens.
Smart contracts

Automatically executed digital agreements

Smart contracts improve time, cost and transaction efficiencies – eliminating the need for numerous middlemen and manual processes.

Security from fraudulent tampering and third parties

Immutable transactions make it impossible for data stored on a network to be changed or manipulated.

We work with industry leaders for your security

1.Deal Sourcing

We actively source opportunities through decades of investment experience and established networks.

2.Initial Screening

As part of our internal due diligence process, we conduct checks on the legitimacy of issuers in accordance with our Listing Rules.

3.Secondary Screening

We review the consistency and sufficiency of disclosures provided by issuers as required by our Listing Rules.

4.Final Screening

Our Listing Committee rigorously considers all relevant findings before offerings are launched.

Regulated by highest standards

To protect your rights as an investor, we uphold the highest regulatory standards.
We have business continuity measures in place, and adequate capital, to keep offering our services well into the future.
We segregate all funds with a licensed custodian to make sure your money is kept independent
We have security measures in place that protect your transactions, account and personal information.


Accredited Investor
  • Earn up to $100,000 Yearly income
  • Have access to over 20 open diversified offerings at a single click
  • Net total assets of at least SGD 2M
Institutional Investor
Corporate Accredited
  • Develop asset classes and funds up to $5M
  • Generate Lifetime LUPA REWARDS

Frequently Asked QuestionsLearn More
About LupaGroup

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to provide you with comprehensive information about our organization
What is LupaGroup? How does it work?

LupaGroup is a private market investment platform that enables you to invest in Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Real Estate, in fractions as low as $5,000 – made possible with blockchain technology.​

How do I qualify to open an LupaGroup account?

You will qualify as an Lupa investor if:
• You can buy one of our funds
• You must be more than 18 years old 
You must have a valid identification document to get approved by our KYC and AML policies 
Investors must agree to our privacy policy

Are there any country restrictions to signing up an account with LupaGroup?

No, you can open an account with LupaGroup as an investor from any country. All applications will be subjected to our Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) processes, and any local regulatory requirements.

Do I need to pay fees to sign up as an investor with LupaGroup?

There are no fees associated with signing up as an investor with us. The only fees we charge are associated with your investments.

Is LupaGroup safe?

LupaGroup is held to some of the highest regulatory standards in the world. All customer funds are held in a customer-segregated account. This means customer funds are kept secured no matter what, independent of our operations at LupaGroup.
The LupaGroup digital securities are non-transferrable and non-tradeable outside our platform, which reduces the incentive for theft.

Through our philanthropic activities, LupaGroup seeks to positively impact our community, employees and clients.

File Number: 0450069068

OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
44 Whippany Rd
New Jersey
Through our philanthropic activities, LupaGroup seeks to positively impact our community, employees and clients.
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
44 Whippany Rd
New Jersey

File Number: 0450069068

Copyright by LupaGroup. All rights reserved.

Copyright by LupaGroup. All rights reserved.